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Laboratorio de Interconectividades is a transhackfeminist art and research collective founded in 2014 by Liliana Zaragoza Cano and Nadège Lucas Pérez in Mexico. The collective's action addresses (trans)feminisms, collective care and self-defense, free/libre culture and technologies, community networks and many other intersections.

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In this project, I was in charge of:

Web design & sysadmin: Wordpress-based platform and the collective's infrastructure.

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Graphic design, illustration & animation: visual identity, animated elements, poster design.

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Researcher & co-facilitator: documentation, workshops, consultancy, accompaniments, advocacy & participation in events

Before the boom of page builders, I designed and developed Laboratorio de Interconectividades as a child theme with coding. The strong presence of the background gives a sensation of being in context, in an actual place (in this case, where we were living at the time). Many times technology and tech workers are de-contextualized, as if they were this ethereal matter suspended in thin air. As a collective, an important part of our work was to unveil the rhizome of connections between technologies, bodies and politics.

Another key aspect of the design process was to interrelate the content, again, emphasizing the relationships between experiences and knowledge commons. I achieved this through assigning categories and tags which manifest through: (a) a tag cloud on the right sidebar (visible in the screenshots); (b) related posts: based on tag and category affinity at the end of specific pages.