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Kéfir was a libre/free tech feminist co-op for activists, human right defenders, journalists, civil society organizations, collectives, artists from 2014 to 2020. Kéfir's purpose was to help build safe and free (as in freedom) spaces on the internet, to create together digital neighborhoods where we can trust eachother, express and operate/trigger without fear (ง︡’-‘︠)ง

In this project, I was in charge of:

Web design: responsive multilingual static site with non-javascript version.

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Workshops & accompaniment: 1:1 accompaniment, consultancy and capacity building with activist organizations, collectives and projects.

Co-founder and executive coordinator: from 2014 to 2020, I co-led the workers cooperative and was in charge of project coordination.

At the core of Kéfir's site are it's values and purpose: to (re)world with organizations, collectives and activist projects more sustainable, safe and pleasureable spaces online. The decision of putting a full screen illustration conveys this mission.

This landscape (the world of the Kéfir community) is zoomeable to create an immersive sensation and a feeling of fascination and discovery as this is how approach tech learning and re-appropriation. Through the icons on the left you could navigate the site intuitively.

Creating meaningful accessibility to technology and infrastructure was another pillar of our work. Providing a low-bandwith option of the site without renouncing the quality of the immersive experience and versions that didn't require loading additional code (for people that use Tor browsers) was putting this principle into practice.

Regarding sustainability, Kéfir's site is static which means that it doesn't demand 24/7 resources ("natural resources" like they say, human resources, etc.) to run like Content Managament Systems like Wordpress or Wix do. Read more about static sites here. </div> </div>

Kéfir's site shut down in 2020, along with the co-op and collective.