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Established in 2017, Body & Data works to enhance understanding and access to information on digital rights among women, queer people and marginalized groups where they are able to exercise their rights in a safe and just digital space. We work towards the vision of accessible, safe and just digital space for all, through cross movement building, facilitation for access to information, knowledge building and dissemination on digital rights in the context of Nepal

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In this project, I was in charge of:

Web design & sysadmin: Wordpress-based platform and the collective's infrastructure including an online working platform and newsletter app.

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Consultancy & capacity building: assessment & evaluation, 1:1 accompaniment sessions.

One of the main features of this site is the multilingual implementation to facilitate the organization's work of creating content both in Nepali and English.

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Disclaimer: the site has undergone further design and development change by the own organization.