Se Vale Soñar

Visual note-taking.


Territorios de Cultura para la Equidad (México)





In this project, I was in charge of:

Illustrations: visual scribing, digital illustrations.

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Web redesign: a complete redesign of the organization's site based on Wordpress.

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Consultancy & systematization:: a fundamental part of this project was to actually decide what and how to present 20 years of the organization's work on the site.

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Documentation: photo and video documentation of events

"Se Vale Soñar" (we can dream) is a political act of justice and transgression, a project that invitates and accompanies aging women (over 60) to re-connect with the spirit of dreams and desires aligned with their own pleasure and joy.

During 2023, Territorios de Cultura para la Equidad launched an open call for two groups: in Mexico City and in the South of Mexico, in Oaxaca. For months, these groups gathered and started to unravel what it takes to feel deserving of dreaming, of feeling pleasure, of making mistakes. They started to articulate what they wanted to experiment and a mutual support network, not only within the groups, but an extended community of feminists of all ages began to offer skills, experiences and resources to help make these dreams come true.