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Mailtrain is a free libre open source privacy friendly newsletter platform, a very attractive alternative to the propietary mainstream platform Mailchimp. It offers features such as suscriber and list management, custom fields, list segmentation, rss campaigns, gpg encryption, click stats, template editors, automation, Wordpress integration and much more!

Disclaimer: these screenshots are not related to any project I've worked on; they are only for demonstration purposes.


get the most out of your platform!


tailored security protocols and measures, regular updates, backups, encrypted newsletters, etc.


platforms need to be looked after in different ways like keeping everything up-to-date, monitoring, fixing mishaps, etc.

design implementation & responsive design

implement your visual identity in your newsletters and make them responsive for mobile devices

platform management

don't have time to learn and administer your platform? i can create your newsletters for you and manage your suscriber lists

capacity building

i teach you how to use and administer your newsletter platform!

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