customer relationship management (crm)

Does your project network and engage with multiple communities and groups? Maybe a CRM is just what you need ;)


Exchange Point (U.S)


infrastructure, web design, crm, platforms


starting from 800 euros


what do you need?

civicrm + wordpress

CIVICRM based on Wordpress

civicrm + drupal

CIVICRM based on Drupal

This screenshot is not related to any project I've worked on. It's only for demonstration purposes.


get the most out of your platform!


tailored security protocols and measures, regular updates, backups, etc.


platforms need to be looked after in different ways like keeping everything up-to-date, monitoring, fixing mishaps, etc.

design implementation & responsive design

need to customize a theme, create a new one, implement your visual identity or make your site responsive?


slow sights are less accessible, rank lower in search results and have a higher environmental and sociopolitical impact (yes, more and bigger files use more energy!)

optimize your site files with media content best practises, theme and plugin minification, uncluttering and more

content systematization

do you want a site or platform but don't even know where to start? is your content scattered in folders on your drive or online? let's roll up our sleaves, revise, organise and select those stories

web accessibility

the internet should be for everyone! let's try to make your site more accesible for all bodies and people out there

capacity building

i teach you how to handle your site/platform!

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something else?

send me a message and tell me what you're looking for

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