Gain autonomy: how to use and manage your platform

Step by step, gain autonomy to administer and cultivate your online spaces!


Body and data (Nepal), Comando Colibri (Mexico), Comité de Latinoamérica y el Caribe para la Defensa de los Derechos de la Mujer (LAC), Entre Nosotras (LAC), Federação de órgãos para assistência social e educacional (Brazil), Instituto de Liderazgo Simone de Beauvoir (Mexico), Women Help Women (Global)


consultancy & workshops


choose how you want to learn

online//in person

you choose:
* online or in person
* individual or group sessions


we can figure out together how long you need in this process


based on your platform, learning practical aspects from day one

follow up & mentorship

after the sessions, i can follow up on the process with you


i teach from a political and activist framework: technology is not a "neutral tool"


no time for sessions? i can write up a written documentation for you

something else?

send me a message and tell me what you're looking for

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